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Keep Calm and Call A Burlington County DUI Lawyer

Keep Calm and Call A Burlington County DUI Lawyer

After being charged with a DUI offense, what should you do? First off, don’t panic. What’s a surefire way to keep yourself calm during this stressful time? Call a talented DUI lawyer in Burlington County as soon as possible. If you want to ensure that your rights are protected, and that your employment, financial state, and reputation are secure, put your trust in the hands of an experienced, caring, and affordable criminal defense attorney. Who lives up to these qualifications? Mark Catanzaro, the DUI lawyer Burlington County residents rely on.

Mark Catanzaro has been in the practice for over 30 years, and he’s handled a diverse range of case loads. Needless to say, DUI cases are common for Mr. Catanzaro. His DUI-specific knowledge and experience in the courtroom will work to your advantage. With Mr. Catanzaro’s help, you will be calm and confident in the courtroom. You’ll receive exceptional representation as well as friendship and compassion. Don’t settle for less. Choose Mark Catanzaro for expert legal guidance!

Why Do You Need A Burlington County DWI Lawyer?

The consequences of a DUI offense can be staggering. If you don’t have a DWI lawyer in Burlington County, you may be dealt a harsher sentence. Here are the potential outcomes for
a DUI case:

  • A revoked or suspended license.
  • Mandatory counseling through the Intoxicated Driver’s Resource Center.
  • Up to 180 hours of community service.
  • Installing an ignition interlock device.
  • Employment affected by driver’s license suspension, poor credit, or company policies.
  • Increased car insurance rates.
  • Potential demotion or removal for military members, as well as privilege restriction and alcohol education courses.
  • Credit issues.
  • Possible jail time. Even first offenders could face up to thirty days in jail.
  • A tarnished reputation.

Mark Catanzaro wants to protect your rights, your money, your job, and your chances at a successful future. DUI laws are always changing, so Mr. Catanzaro can challenge the legality of these laws and make sure you are treated fairly and respectfully. You deserve the best representation you can get, from the best Burlington County DUI lawyer you can find.

Contact Mark Catanzaro, The #1 DUI Lawyer In Burlington County

It doesn’t matter what time it is. Call Mr. Catanzaro as soon as you can, at (865) 235-4266. There’s no time to lose! The sooner you get started on your defense plan, the better the outcome will be. Call the Burlington County DWI lawyer who cares!

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