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Reasons To Hire A Mercer County Labor Lawyer

There are times when a dispute between an employee and an employer can be smoothed over without litigation, and then there are more challenging instances when a labor lawyer is necessary. Labor lawyers can represent employers in cases against their employees, as well as members of labor unions in cases against employers. Don’t delay- find a labor lawyer in Mercer County today. Mark W. Catanzaro is eager to help!

Mark Catanzaro has successfully represented thousands of clients at the State and Federal level, so you can be sure he’s handled a case similar to yours. His legal expertise and passion for protecting his clients’ rights will keep you confident in the courtroom. You can expect to negotiate favorable settlements, obtain a dismissal of the claim, or secure a verdict in your favor.

When should you hire a Mercer County labor lawyer? If you’re an employee, it would be wise to team up with an employment labor if:

  • You’ve been terminated unjustly.
  • You want to discuss and negotiate terms during a strike.
  • You want to file a lawsuit against your employer for mistreatment.
  • You’re not being paid what you’re due.
  • You’ve been asked to sign a suspicious agreement.
  • Your employer is suing you, or threatening to sue.

If you’re an employer, you should consult a labor lawyer if:

  • You want to fire an unsatisfactory union worker.
  • When there’s a strike or talk of a strike.
  • You’re threatened with a lawsuit, either for mistreatment, discrimination, wrongful termination, hazardous work conditions, or unlawful overtime.

The Mercer County Labor Lawyer You Can Trust!

Despite the value of having a labor lawyer for a courtroom case, many labor lawyers are hired to help avoid litigation. Labor lawyers can encourage negotiations to keep the peace, and keep employers and their employees out of the courtroom.

If you find yourself in the middle of a risky employment dispute, do yourself a favor and call Mark Catanzaro. He is trained and well-versed in both the federal and state statutes that regulate labor laws, which are always changing. Choose a Mercer County labor lawyer who knows the laws, the court procedures, and the information you need to negotiate or win your case.

Call The #1 Labor Lawyer in Mercer County

If you want a lawyer who’s reputable, experienced, and compassionate, look no further than Mark Catanzaro. He will meet with you one-on-one, answer all of your questions, and calm your fears. Contact the labor lawyer Mercer County residents rely on! Call (865) 235-4266 for a free consultation.

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