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In Good Hands: Choose A Reliable Trenton Drug Lawyer

Have you been charged with a drug crime? You might be feeling scared, vulnerable, and alone in your struggles. Don’t give up hope! Mark Catanzaro is the Trenton drug attorney who can help. Mr. Catanzaro has had over three decades of experience in both the State and Federal courts, excelling in trial work and complex litigation. Calm your nerves and choose a Trenton drug lawyer that will protect your rights and guide you through your case.

Mark Catanzaro: Your Go-To Drug Attorney in Trenton

You need a drug lawyer in Trenton who understands the range of drug crimes and the complexities of drug laws related to possession, manufacturing, or dealing. Mark Catanzaro will either obtain a dismissal of the claim, secure a verdict in your favor, or negotiate settlements, so you can expect the best possible outcome. Select a criminal defense lawyer whose intricate knowledge of the law will preserve your rights and take care of the rest.

Why is Mark Catanzaro the Trenton drug attorney for you?

  • He’s on your side. You deserve a lawyer who will meet with you face-to-face and collaborate with you to strengthen your case. Mr. Catanzaro will give you undivided attention and answer all of your questions.
  • He is a problem-solver. Mr. Catanzaro knows how the courtroom ticks. He’ll use creative strategies to bring about case-solving opportunities and help you avoid future litigation for similar issues.
  • He is fierce! Mr. Catanzaro works hard to represent his clients well. He’s kind and compassionate to his clients, but aggressive in the courtroom.

Contact a Trenton drug lawyer immediately if you have been charged with the following:

  • Distribution. Selling, delivering, or providing controlled substances illegally.
  • Possession. Simple possession or possession with intention of distribution.
  • Manufacturing. Participation in the production of illegal drugs.
  • Paraphernalia. Apparatus used for illegal drugs.

Lift the burdens from your shoulders and team up with a drug lawyer in Trenton who’s handled  various cases, from minor crimes to much more serious offenses. No matter what kind of situation you’re in, Mark Catanzaro is ready to take action.

Call The Trenton Drug Attorney Who Cares!

Pick up your phone and call (865) 235-4266 to contact Mark Catanzaro directly, at any time of the day. Stay confident by choosing a criminal defense attorney whose legal expertise stands out in the crowd! Not only will you be professionally represented at court, but your life will be changed for the better. Contact Mr. Catanzaro now!


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