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Filing A Lawsuit For Copyright Infringement in New Jersey?

New Jersey copyright lawyer

First off, what is copyright infringement? It’s the act of encroaching on the exclusive rights held by the owner of a copyright. If you’ve been charged with copyright infringement, or you intend to sue for copyright infringement, take care! You won’t be able to safely settle this dispute without a reputable New Jersey copyright infringement lawyer by your side. If you need a guide, Mark Catanzaro is your man. He’s represented thousands of clients at the State and Federal levels, and he promises aggressive, cost-effective litigation strategies for all of his clients. Take advantage of his legal expertise today! Mark Catanzaro is the leading New Jersey copyright infringement lawyer for the residents of Trenton, Mount Holly, Burlington County, and Mercer County.

Your Go-To New Jersey Copyright Infringement Attorney

Before filing a lawsuit for copyright infringement, you must determine if the copied material is protected. If the copied material is not protected by the Copyright Law of the United States, then you’ve already lost your battle. Furthermore, if the material is factual information or includes general ideas or non-original elements, you may have difficulty making a case. Infringement comes in many different forms, such as: contributory infringement, direct infringement, vicarious liability and inducement liability. To make a case, the alleged infringer must have:

  • Copied or reproduced protected work.
  • Created an unauthorized derivative work.
  • Distributed copies of the work.
  • Performed the work in public or through digital audio transmission without authorization.

This legal analysis can be confusing, and if you don’t have an expert to talk to, you may have some trouble navigating such a complex process. Copyright lawsuits can get messy, so make sure you have a New Jersey copyright infringement attorney to answer all your questions!

Contact The Copyright Infringement Lawyer New Jerseyans Trust

What makes Mark Catanzaro the white-collar crime lawyer you can depend on?

  • He takes charge. Mr. Catanzaro doesn’t back down to a challenge. No matter how complicated your case might be, he’ll persevere and handle it with skill.
  • He offers cost-effective representation. You have enough on your plate as it is, so we want to ease your mind with fair, reasonable rates.
  • He cares about your well-being. Mark Catanzaro wants nothing more than for you to feel valued and cared for as his client. He’ll ensure that your rights are protected, your thoughts are respected, and your future is bright.

Whether it’s a victory in court or a favorable settlement, you can be positive that you’ll get the best results possible when you team up with the Law Offices of Mark Catanzaro. Find out more about the #1 copyright infringement lawyer in New Jersey! Call him directly at (865) 235-4266, or fill out our contact form.

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