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We often hear the term “assault and battery,” but not many know the difference between the two. Assault and battery are similar, but there are a few differences in their legal definitions and they are considered separate charges. You can be guilty of assault without even physically striking another person. This makes assault cases complicated and difficult to comprehend, especially because assault is often misrepresented on television or through stereotyping.

If you are in a situation where there is an assault charge a lawyer can be very handy to help you understand the implications of your case. Mark Catanzaro is an assault attorney in New Jersey who has been practicing law since 1985. His experience and knowledge in assault, as well as many other areas of law, will make him a great asset to your case. That’s why in this blog, Mr. Catanzaro will go over the most important aspects of an assault charge, so you can be more prepared to handle your situation.

A Caring New Jersey Assault Lawyer

Assault is defined as an intentional act meant to create fear or harm to another person. Battery is when the person is physically harmed. As a New Jersey assault attorney, Mr. Catanzaro wants you to know the two important elements that make up an assault charge:

  1. The person’s actions intended to cause another harm.
  2. The victim did indeed feel threatened, or like they would be harmed.

Here is a helpful example of what this means: If a person puts up their fist and acts like they are going to punch someone, and the other person truly feels like they will be punched, this is assault. However, if the victim was actually punched, that would be battery. This is why assault and battery are often paired together.

There is one thing that does not fall under the assault category, and that is words. If someone shouts “I’m going to shoot you,” but there is no appearance of a gun, this is not assault. It becomes assault when the person presents a gun and the victim feels like they will be harmed.

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If you are charged with assault, you may need help from an expert New Jersey assault attorney to get the best results possible for your case. So call Mark Catanzaro today at 609-261-3400 or fill out our contact form to find out how he can help you. Mr. Catanzaro has experience with many different areas of practice, including criminal matters, municipal matters and more, so talk to this experienced New Jersey assault attorney about your case.


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