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Get The Facts From A Copyright Lawyer in Burlington County


Although copyright laws are central to many businesses and individuals in fields like advertising, music, art and software development, they are still widely misunderstood.

Mark Catanzaro is a Burlington County copyright lawyer who can clearly explain the basics of the law to you or those working for your business. With three decades of law practice under his belt, he’s the lawyer you want on your team if you’re facing copyright charges.

Understand Copyright Law with This Burlington County Attorney

Copyright law protects the authors and users of creative works, both published and unpublished. In order for you to understand how copyright laws could affect you, this Burlington County copyright lawyer has laid out a few basics of the law.

First of all, you should know that your rights come from the Copyright Act. In this act, Congress grants copyright holders the following rights:

-The right to reproduce their work
-The right to publicly distribute their work
-The right to publicly perform their work
-The right to publicly display their work
-The right to prepare derivative works

Other important aspects of the law are as follows:

  • Copyrights are not patents
    Copyrights do not protect ideas like a patent does. Copyrights protect the tangible expression of those ideas.
  • Examples of copyrighted material include:
    Literary, dramatic, artistic or musical works such as novels, poetry, movies, songs, computer software, etc.
  • You do not always need to register with the United States Copyright Office for your work to be protected.
    Your work is protected the moment it is created in a tangible form. If you wish to bring about a copyright infringement lawsuit however, you will need to register.
  • Fair Use is a common defense against copyright infringement.
    The Fair Use doctrine allows one to use another’s copyrighted material for the use of commentary, reporting, satire, research, etc., so long as the original work is expressed in a different way.

Team Up With This Burlington County Copyright Lawyer Today!

Understanding your circumstances and copyright law in its entirety can be a tremendous task to take on by yourself. This is where this expert Burlington County copyright lawyer can help. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to commit, just check out a few of our frequently asked questions.

When you’re ready to work with Mr. Catanzaro, you can contact his office by calling 609-261-3400 or just fill out this contact form.


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