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What is Plausible Deniability?

what is plausible deniability

Sometimes in the court of law, it’s not about proving that the defendant didn’t do something. Sometimes it’s about proving that no one can know whether the defendant did something or not. In our legal system, people are “innocent until proven guilty.” In other words, if someone comes against criminal accusations, the court has to assume that person’s innocence until they’re proven guilty. Therefore, this means that if someone is to be convicted, they have to be guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.” So, if doubt still stands, or if guilt cannot be completely proven, then the defendant should not be convicted. We’ll cover “reasonable doubt” next week. But this week let’s cover “What is plausible deniability?”

Definition of Plausible Deniability

First, let’s define the phrase. “Plausible deniability” usually involves high ranking members of a government or corporation not knowing about the activities of lower ranking members. Thus, if a lower ranking member commits a crime, the higher ranking member will claim “plausible deniability.” Put it another way, they’re saying they had no knowledge of the goings-on of the lower ranking member. Now, whether or not they actually know is one thing. Yet, proving what the higher ranking person knows is another.

Consequently, in day-to-day situations, “plausible deniability” involves demonstrating that little to no evidence exists to prove the defendant’s guilt. In other words, like we said above, it’s not about proving innocence. But it’s about questioning guilt. If not enough evidence exists to prove guilt, then innocence must be presumed.

How This Can Impact Your Case

Second, how can this impact your case? Being charged with a crime can become one of the most stressful times you’ll ever experience. An ancient proverb says, “The guilty flee though none pursue.” Anxiety leads you to think, “What do they know? What if they find out about this or that? What can happen?” This can lead you to not getting the legal protection you deserve. Or it can also lead to you confessing to crimes you didn’t actually commit. Remember, you’re innocent until proven guilty—no matter the charge!

Next Steps with Mark Catanzaro

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