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The Effects of Juvenile Arrest On Higher Education

“YOLO,” the clarion catchphrase for youthful indiscretion, is a sobering insight into the “you only live once” mindset of many adolescents. It demonstrates a focus on fleeting pleasures over future prospects; a throwing of caution to the wind. Sadly, this mindset often leads underage youth to poor decisions involving drugs and alcohol, which can result in juvenile arrest. A record marred by criminal activity can significantly affect possibilities for higher education.

The Rate Of High School Dropout

Studies conducted by schools and police departments have discovered that there’s a substantial correlation between juvenile arrest and high school dropout, with arrested juveniles being 6-8 times more likely to drop out than those who have not been arrested.  Because completing high school is a prerequisite for trade school and college admission, this statistic is a reminder that juvenile arrest can complicate educational opportunities even before an attempt is made at college or trade school application.

College Consideration After Juvenile Arrest

Colleges and universities are dedicated to providing a safe environment for their students and faculty, as well as preserving integrity and reputation as educational institutions. Because of this, many colleges and universities have strict policies when it comes to considering applicants with a criminal record. An estimated 60% of colleges in the U.S. take juvenile arrest into account when considering applicants, a statistic that underlines the harsh implications of partying like there’s no tomorrow.  

All is Not Lost

When it comes to pursuing higher education after juvenile arrest, there can still be great hope for a brighter future. Many colleges, trade schools and universities deeply value characteristics like honesty and determination, so transparency about your past misdeeds and newfound resolutions can actually be more of a boon than a burden. Another option is to seek the service of an expungement attorney, blotting out the blemishes on your record altogether. 

If you’re looking for legal counsel or the services of a juvenile defense lawyer, you can trust the professionals at The Law Offices of Mark Catanzaro. Remember, the best way to avoid dealing with the devastating aftermath of a juvenile arrest is by avoiding illegal behavior entirely. Say no to YOLO; living like there’s no tomorrow will only make tomorrow unlivable.


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