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The Trenton Lawyer For Consumer Fraud – Mark Catanzaro


There are certain types of consumer fraud cases that are fairly well-known to the general public, such as identity theft. However, familiarizing yourself with all kinds of consumer fraud is the best way to protect yourself from this type of crime. It’s easy to assume that the people most at risk of consumer fraud are only those who often give out their information to strangers or are easily tricked. However, even a cautious consumer can become victimized. And there’s almost no place it doesn’t occur – consumer fraud can happen in person, via mail, telephone or the internet.

Mark Catanzaro is a skilled consumer fraud lawyer in Trenton who has been practicing law for three decades. He is well versed in consumer fraud law and can give you high-quality representation to help you with your case.

What Falls Under The Consumer Fraud Umbrella?

  • Identity Theft – More than 40 percent of all fraudulent complaints are due to identity theft. In the most serious form, the thief can steal a person’s social security number. Using this and other basic information, the thief can make purchases or take out loans costing the victim sometimes thousands of dollars.
  • Internet Fraud – As the internet grew in success and popularity, so did internet fraud. The most common type of internet fraud is in the form of online auctions. Other popular tricks include credit card scams and online spam.
  • Mail and Telephone Solicitations – A phone call from a telemarketer convincing you to give up your credit card information for a loan can not only be irritating; it could also be a trap. The elderly are a common target in these types of crimes because often times they don’t report it to the police afterwards.
  • Income Tax Fraud – Many con-artists will steal victim’s money by promising them some sort of tax refund. If the taxpayer knowingly takes part in an illegal scheme, he could be fined or imprisoned.

The best way to equip someone to avoid consumer fraud is simply through education. If you or a loved one are facing consumer fraud, be sure to call the most reliable consumer fraud attorney in Trenton for help.

Call This Trenton Consumer Fraud Attorney And Get Results

Mark Catanzaro is the Trenton consumer fraud attorney who has the tried over 100 cases to verdict. If you have questions about representation or what your rights are, Mr. Catanzaro has provided you with a list of frequently asked questions. And he doesn’t just cover consumer fraud cases; Mr. Catanzaro’s areas of practice include many other criminal, municipal and civil matters. Call him today at 609-261-3400 or email him at to get a free consultation.


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