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If you are the parent of a minor who has been charged with breaking the law, you may find yourself with many questions about what your child’s punishment could look like. Sometimes, trying to understand the legal processes on your own can make the situation seem more alarming. Mark Catanzaro is here to offer his expertise and guidance.

Mark Catanzaro is a Mt. Holly juvenile offense lawyer who has over thirty years of experience and will be able to answer all of your and your child’s questions during your time of trouble. In this blog, he will describe the various types of punishment a guilty juvenile could face.

Understanding Juvenile Law

A juvenile is typically defined as a minor between the ages of 10 and 18. Once a juvenile court determines the young offender is a delinquent (therefore, they have committed the accused crime), there are many different types of punishment a judge can order:

  • House arrest – The judge can require the minor to be confined at home for a certain period of time with exceptions such as school, counseling, etc.
  • Placement with someone other than the child’s parent or guardian – The judge can order the child to stay with a relative or in a foster home.
  • Juvenile hall or/and probation – There are juvenile detention facilities that keep delinquents for short periods of time. Once the child is released, sometimes they are also put on probation.
  • Secured juvenile facilities – These kinds of facilities are meant for longer stays. Sometimes they are referred to as “camps.” A child may stay in one of these facilities for months or years.
  • Adult jail – For more severe cases, a juvenile can be tried as an adult and sent to county jail or state prison.
  • Juvenile then adult jail – A judge may order a child to stay in a juvenile facility until he or she is old enough to be transferred to an adult facility. This is called a “blended sentence.”

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If you are a parent whose child is facing criminal charges, or you are a minor who is looking for help, contact this Mt. Holly juvenile offense attorney today. As a juvenile offense lawyer in Mt. Holly, Mr. Catanzaro will answer all of your questions in a compassionate and caring manner. Partner with him and start building a strong defense by calling his offices at 609-261-3400 or filling out one of his contact forms.


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