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What You Need to Know About Terroristic Threats in New Jersey

terroristic threats in New Jersey

If a person threatens someone with violence, in effect terrorizing them, they may be charged with terroristic threats in New Jersey. Typically, terroristic threats charges are seen in two scenarios. The first is between an individual and many people, such as a bomb threat to a crowded location. The second, and far more common scenario, is when tensions have flared and threatening messages have been communicated between two people. The penalties for terroristic threats vary widely and as such, it’s important to have an experienced lawyer on your side. 

What Constitutes a Terroristic Threat

To be convicted of terroristic threat, the prosecution needs to prove three things:

  1. A threat was communicated by you.
  2. In your threat, you communicated that you would commit an act of violence.
  3. Your threat was made with the intent to terrorize.

All three of these must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Because intent is rarely a cut-and-dried matter, hiring a skilled lawyer could make all the difference in your case. 

How Tech Affects Terroristic Threats

Before the rise of email, social media and text messaging, terroristic threats were often a charge that accompanied domestic abuse or instances of road rage. Absent a witness, proving it was a matter that usually boiled down to one person’s word against another’s. With the advent of so many forms of instantaneous communication, there has been an uptick in terroristic threats.

What are the Penalties of Being Convicted of Terroristic Threats in New Jersey?

In most instances, terroristic threats are treated as a third-degree felony. If a person is convicted, they can expect a sentencing of 3-5 years in prison and may be forced to pay up to a $75,000 fine.

In the event that you are charged with terroristic threats during a state of emergency, charges can be treated as a second-degree felony. This escalation of severity brings with it harsher punishment, including 5-10 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines. The state of emergency can be declared on a national level, by the state of New Jersey or on the county level.

In Need of a Lawyer Specializing in Terroristic Threats in New Jersey?

If you’ve been charged with terroristic threats, give yourself the best chance to avoid conviction by hiring a highly-skilled lawyer. Mark Catanzaro specializes in criminal defense and can provide you with a confidential consultation about your case. Call 609-261-3400 or reach out


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