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The Union Grievance Prosecution Lawyer for You

Filing a union grievance against your employer can be daunting and frightening. Should you endure this process? What if your grievance is not valid? What does the collective bargaining agreement say? How do I navigate all of this complex legal stuff? Who will defend my rights? While all of these are legitimate concerns, they should not stop you from filing a grievance. You need a union grievance prosecution lawyer! Here are a few reasons you should consider filing…

Consider Filing

  • A crime may have been committed.

There are hosts of federal and state laws aimed to prevent discrimination and protect the rights of the worker. This may mean that the cause of your grievance was a crime. Negotiating the ins and outs of these laws and legal jargon can be challenging, but a shrewd lawyer can help you bring justice where justice is due.

  • Time is short.

Clever employers often include time limits on when a grievance can be filed within the collective bargaining agreement itself. If it has been long since the incident, time is definitely short. The longer you wait to file a grievance, the more difficult it can be to investigate. You will need a responsible and prompt lawyer by your side to help you.

  • It could save a life.

If something has occurred that could be potentially life-threatening, then filing a grievance could save your life or that of someone with whom you work. Sometimes an incident occurs that exposes a fundamental flaw in how the business is run, so filing a grievance can be a move toward positive change.

  • You are not alone.

Yes, the process for filing a grievance can be long, confusing, and burdensome, but know that you are not alone in the fight! Mark Catanzaro has the experience, know-how, and fearlessness to come by your side and fight for your rights. He will work with you and your union so that you will not only get justice, but feel secure.

Hire a Union Grievance Prosecution Lawyer Today

The time to act is now. Do not let your fears and worries stop you from pursuing justice. You need a lawyer with a wide breadth and extensive depth of experience. Fortunately for you, Mark Catanzaro fits the bill. Contact his office today to set up a free and confidential consultation.


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