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The General Defense Attorney for Your Case

general defense attorney

In the United States, you can legally defend yourself in court. But that’s not a good idea. If you face criminal charges, hiring a defense attorney comes as your best option. A general defense attorney knows your rights, the laws, and effective legal arguments to help you. They can also try to lower or eliminate the charges brought against you. But what should you look for in a general defense attorney? We’ll look at this and more in this week’s blog.

The Best General Defense Attorney in New Jersey

First, facing charges can be intimidating and confusing. That’s why hiring a defense attorney works in your favor. The best attorneys know the law like back of their hands and will be able to answer any of your questions with ease. For example, some common questions you might want to ask a defense attorney to see if they’re the right fit include:

  • Do you have experience defending the type of crime with which I’m charged?
  • What strategy and timing do you have when it comes to raising the defenses?
  • Why or why not should you raise them all in the beginning to eliminate the charges?
  • How much time does the State have to bring charges against me?

Legal Argumentation

Second, a quality general defense attorney will also be able to help you understand the types of legal defenses. This includes which arguments work best for your case. Defense arguments fall under two basic categories. In the first, the defendant claims that the prosecution’s allegations are untrue. It is not required that the defendant show any evidence. Instead, it is up to the prosecution to prove that the defendant is guilty. Next, there are also affirmative defenses where the defendant admits the allegations are true. In this case, the defendant must show that, though the allegations are true, they’re still illegitimate. Common affirmative defenses include:

  • Duress
  • Entrapment
  • Impossibility
  • Intoxication
  • Insanity
  • Justification
  • Self-defense
  • Statute of limitations

Hire the Best General Defense Attorney: Mark Catanzaro!

Finally, if you want to hire a general defense attorney who fits all of the descriptions above, then your best choice would be Mark Catanzaro! With over 30 years of experience, he knows the laws, the best arguments, and he knows his clients. Contact him today!


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