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Juvenile Offenses and New Jersey Law

juvenile offenses

We all make mistakes when we’re young. Part of the reason why parents discipline their children is so that they can learn how to live in society while consequences remain low and parents can help. But once you become an adult, the consequences are high and you don’t have help. Nevertheless, if you’re the parent of a minor who faces juvenile charges, then it helps to understand the law. The law tends to aim towards rehabilitating offenders under the age of 18 instead of putting them in jail. This means it is a very specific area of law and should be handled by a professional. So, today we’ll cover juvenile offenses.

Common Juvenile Offenses

First, let’s cover the most common types of juvenile offenses and crimes. These can include:

  • Vandalism – refers to tagging and graffiti, keying a car, or drawing on public restrooms.
  • Theft – includes shoplifting or other petty theft, such as stealing a bike.
  • Underage Drinking Violations – drinking under the age of 21.
  • Simple Assault – sometimes juveniles get involved in fights or bullying at school. Simple assault also includes physical violence against a parent.
  • Marijuana and Tobacco – the possession or smoking of marijuana or the purchase and use of tobacco.
  • Criminal Trespass – trespassing on vacant property or in a store from which you’ve been banned.
  • Disorderly Conduct this can include cursing at a teacher, fighting in public, or exposing yourself in public.

As we mentioned above, punishment for juvenile crimes is often less severe than for adult crimes. Instead of jail time, punishment can include community service work, education and rehabilitation courses, or sometimes just a small fine. However, more serious crimes like homicide or grand theft do not bring such leniency. In such cases, getting tried as an adult is more common.

Need an Attorney?

If you’d like more information on juvenile offenses and New Jersey law, then contact the Law Offices of Mark Catanzaro! Along with providing helpful information, he can be the attorney you need to defend your case. Don’t fight alone! He’ll come alongside you and your child to make sure you get a fair and just trial. Contact him today!


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