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The Right to Privacy: A Social Dilemma

right to privacy

The new Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma has got people talking. The goal of this film was to expose the sweeping negative impact that social media has had on society today. One of the areas the film particularly focuses on is how social media conglomerates like Facebook and Twitter have violated people’s right to privacy. In today’s blog, we’ll briefly define this right, provide some important facts, and give you some tips on how you can protect your right to privacy.

Right to Privacy Defined

First, let’s define the phrase “right to privacy.” Like various legal matters, the right is notoriously difficult to define. However, Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary makes it clear. It states this right involves, “The right not to have one’s personal matters disclosed or publicized; the right to be left alone. The right against undue government intrusion into fundamental personal issues and decisions.”

Important Facts

Second, when it comes to social media, smartphones, and your right to privacy, there are a few recent developments that The Social Dilemma does not include. For example, although web browsers and websites use “cookies” to track your internet history and learn information about you, they also anonymize this data. Thus, this information doesn’t connect to “Bill Smith from Anytown, USA,” but rather to “Internet User 8760132.” In this way, companies seek to retain a level of privacy while still getting useful information about products they want to advertise to you. Granted, this may not be entirely consoling to many who highly value their right to privacy, but it is better than nothing.

A second important fact to know is that many companies also encrypt this data. To put it simply, rather than your information clearly stating, “Bill Smith purchased $11.97 worth of candy at CVS on 11/12/2020,” the information is turned into a code. The only way to read this code is with a specific key. You can learn more about this here.

Protect Your Right to Privacy

Third, even with all that in mind, we can still feel like our privacy is constantly violated. What can we do? Consider these suggestions:

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