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How To Avoid A DUI This Holiday Season

How To Avoid A DUI This Holiday Season

If you enjoy a drink or two around the holiday season, you can hardly be blamed. But if you need to drive home after a night of Christmas carousing, you better think before you drink. There’s a fine line between sober and sloppy – one that’s clearly delineated in the state of New Jersey. So if you’re unsure about your limits, or the specific details about drunk driving in New Jersey, let Catanzaro Law show you how to avoid a DUI this Holiday season.

State Law Specifics

Though the state of New Jersey categorizes driving under the influence as a traffic violation rather than a criminal offense, the repercussions are still severe. The line is 0.08, no discussion. If your blood alcohol content is between 0.08% and 0.09% when you are pulled over, you can expect immediate arrest, a trip to the police station, an impounded vehicle, and a court date. If you’re thinking of refusing a breath test to escape the consequences, be warned; refusal will result in fines ranging from $300-$500 and a license revocation of up to 1 year, even if you’re eventually deemed innocent of a DUI. 

Because state law classifies a DUI as a traffic violation, it’s unlikely that you’ll be detained at the police station overnight; however, if you are eventually convicted, the penalties will be costly. First time offenders will be sentenced to 30 days in prison, a possible requirement to attend an intoxicated driver resource program, fines, state surcharges and other fees. The penalties will be commensurate with your blood alcohol level – the more you drink, the more you’ll sink.

Knowing Your Limits – Precisely

If you’ve had a few drinks and are considering getting behind the wheel, you need know your blood alcohol level. There are a couple effective ways of doing this. Blood alcohol concentration calculators are freely available via apps and websites, using data like gender, ounces of imbibed alcohol, timespan of drinking, and body weight to accurately calculate your BAC. 

Alternatively, you can buy a self breathalyzer device, easily assessing your BAC with pinpoint precision. Though these devices can be expensive, they pale in comparison to the towering fines you might otherwise face down the road.

No Excuse

In a time of easy alternatives to driving your personal car after a night of drinking, there’s truly no excuse for driving drunk. Über, Lyft and other similar freelance taxi services are a button press away, making a safe trip home a cinch instead of a struggle. If you want to take a more traditional route, discuss a designated driver or call a friend when the night is through. 

Avoid A DUI This Holiday Season – It’s Not Rocket Science

Police officers are especially vigilant around the holiday season. You can expect to be pulled over for even the smallest of driving infractions. Fortunately, using the techniques described above, avoiding a DUI is easy. If you have even the slightest doubt that you’re wheelworthy, it’s best to err on the side of caution; it’s a simple decision that could save lives and leave your future intact.

Mark Catanzaro Is Your Best DUI Defense Lawyer

Being convicted of a DUI can have serious implications for your future, especially when compounded with other traffic fines at the time of arrest. If you prize your reputation, your independence and your finances, your best bet is to get a defense attorney. Mark Catanzaro has decades of experience with DUI cases, and is ready to bring that experience to your defense. 

Of course, your choices are your best defense against a DUI; if you can’t leave bars behind without drunk driving, behind bars is exactly where you’ll be. Curb your drinking habits, or your next round may just be a jog around the jail yard.


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