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Clearing Up Clemency In New Jersey; A Definition & Overview

Clearing Up Clemency In New Jersey; A Definition & Overview

Immeasurable amounts of time, money and effort have been poured into the creation and implementation of laws at the city, state and federal levels. In legal matters, there’s truly nothing that hasn’t been considered; the severity of punishment for a crime is anything but arbitrary. However, there will always be controversy surrounding criminal matters, their consequences, and how much time someone ought to suffer for the sins of their past. The next few posts will examine clemency in New Jersey, exploring its various tenets and ultimately walking readers through the petition process. Today we’ll begin by clearing up clemency in New Jersey with a definition and overview.

Clemency Defined 

The general definition of clemency is “mercy” or “leniency.” Legally, clemency is any form of relief from a criminal conviction. It is usually granted to those deemed to be wrongfully convicted, those demonstrating true and lasting reform, and those with sentences considered to be too severe upon reexamination. Clemency must be petitioned for, and can be granted at the State or Federal level, usually by a governor or the U.S. president.

Subcategories of Clemency

There are many different subcategories of clemency; the most common include:

Executive Pardon: the complete forgiveness of a criminal conviction, or the amelioration of a conviction. Pardons are typically offered by the highest ranking official in the state where the conviction took place, ordinarily granted or denied by the state’s active governor; the acting president of the United States also has the authority to grant pardons.

Commutation of Sentence: the reduction of a sentence’s severity, especially the lessening of time spent in incarceration.

Remission of Fines: the cancellation of a fine or fines considered to be charged in error or superfluousness.

Reprieve: the postponement of punishment under extraordinary circumstances. Reprieves are often granted in situations involving illness, family emergency, and other similar qualifying factors that complicate legal processing and the implementation of punishment. 

Consider Clemency In New Jersey With Catanzaro Law

If you or a loved one feel unjustly convicted, or that the severity of your sentence far exceeds the crime, petitioning for clemency may be the right option for you. It’s always important to discuss your options with a trusted defense attorney. Mark Catanzaro has guided countless clients through the process of petitioning for clemency, so go with Catanzaro law to begin the process that may just lead to a simpler, more liberating life. There’s no need to wait; reach out today!


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