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Preparing For Pickpockets; Proactive Measures To Protect Your Valuables

preparing for pickpockets

Spring has arrived and Summer isn’t far behind. As travel restrictions lessen and social precautions loosen up, getting out and exploring the world seems more attractive than ever. But, whether you’re planning to travel during these peak vacation months or just spend more time outdoors, there’s something you may want to consider: the presence of pickpockets. If you’re eager to learn a bit more about these deft degenerates and discover how to protect your pockets from being pillaged, learn about preparing for pickpockets with Catanzaro Law!

A Bit About Pickpockets

One of the oldest and most common forms of theft, pickpocketing often escapes the limelight due to its nonviolent and non-confrontational nature; the fact that pickpockets target small items and personal belongings also helps them to flourish in relative obscurity. Here are a few facts about pickpockets that will help you understand how they operate:

  • Team Players – Pickpockets often work in organized teams, coordinating together to pull off the perfect plan
  • The Art of Distraction – Team-oriented pickpockets use tactics like brushing up, bumping and other forms of physical contact to distract and disorient their targets; while you’re focusing on a blunder with one, you’re being robbed by another
  • Pickpocket Priorities – Pickpockets are swift and savvy, focusing on the least-confrontational, highest value thefts possible; a briefly neglected laptop bag trumps a tightly clasped wrist watch

Popular Stomping Grounds

Pickpockets gravitate toward densely populated areas; the chaos of the crowd is a perfect cover for their operation. Here are some places where you should exercise extreme precaution:

  • Transportation Centers – Bus stations, train stations and airports are prime real-estate for pickpockets, where crowds conceal and victims are distracted by traveling logistics
  • Restaurants And Bars – Tips on tables and booze-softened senses make dining and drinking areas cash cows for pickpockets
  • Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls – Changing rooms, close aisles and shopping distractions make stealing a sinch in retail outlets and shopping malls 

Preparing For Pickpockets; Being Proactive Is Being Protected

Now that you know the enemy, it’s time to equip yourself for success. When traveling abroad and in densely populated areas, always be mindful of your precious belongings. Hold on to purses tightly and keep wallets hidden deeply in your front pockets; the back pocket position is a simple steal. For non-essential, ornamental valuables, don’t broadcast the bling! If you’re entering a crowded place, slip your precious items out of sight; if you’re planning on a busy day in a populous city, you may even want to reconsider bringing them at all. Lastly, be aware of your personal space; anyone breaking common distance boundaries is a potential pickpocket, so keep your eyes open and your belongings close!  

Tangled Up In Theft?

The punishment for petty theft is typically lenient, but jail time is always hard and, compounded with fines, the whole ordeal can quickly become a nightmare. Seeking out professional legal help for your case is essential, so go with Mark Catanzaro for the ultimate in legal counsel and defense!


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