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Sunny With A Chance Of Murder; The Seasonal Escalation Of Violent Crime

seasonal escalation in violent crime

As snow melts and temperatures rise, one can almost hear the universal sigh of relief; the heaviness of Winter has finally given way to the welcoming warmth of Spring. Unfortunately, law abiding citizens weren’t the only ones waiting out the winter, and a dangerous cast of criminals is just as eager to get outside again. If you’re wondering how weather can affect criminality, let’s dive in and learn about the seasonal escalation of violent crime

The Thermic Law Of Delinquency

The foundation for the study of weather-based crime fluctuation was laid by Adolphe Quetelet, a mid 19th century Belgian statistician. Quetelet observed a correlation between weather and crime type; he noticed that warmer seasons and climates gave rise to crimes of violence, while colder seasons and climates saw an increase in property crimes. He called his observation the “thermic law of delinquency.”

Proven Patterns

Since Quetelet’s initial research and discovery, crime analysts the world over have confirmed his findings; the seasonal impact on patterns of crime is universally accepted. Violent crimes like rape, murder, muggings and aggravated assault are far more likely to occur in warmer months and regions with tolerable temperatures. On the other hand, property crimes like arson, burglary, larceny and auto theft are more likely to occur during colder months and in frigid locales.

Research & Reason

Though statistics and advanced studies of society have confirmed seasonal patterns of crime, the findings are also easily supported by reason. People prefer to be outside in pleasant weather, but tend to isolate when the temperature drops. Therefore, warm seasons and climates invite close contact, giving rise to close-contact crimes of violence, while intolerable cold leads to scarce contact and a surge in property crime.

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