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The Consequences of Texting While Driving

Mercer County Traffic Attorney

So many people have done it: we’re driving along and hear our phone alert us that we have a text message. Instead of waiting until we get to our destination, we grab the phone and read the message. And then, we quickly glance back and forth from the road to the phone screen in order to type a message back.

Texting while driving is dangerous and against the law. Police will not hesitate to pull you over and write you a citation if they have reason to believe you were doing so. However, if you feel that you were wrongly cited for texting or talking on the phone while driving, contact a Mercer County traffic attorney to review your case.

Understanding the Law

New Jersey takes the safety of its residents very seriously. That’s why texting, and even talking, on a hand-held phone while driving will get you pulled over for a traffic offense.

There are two instances where using a cell phone while driving is permitted:

  1. If you are in fear for your life or safety, or if you believe a criminal act will be committed against yourself or another person; or
  2. You are reporting an emergency to the appropriate authorities, such as a fire, traffic accident, serious road hazard, or to report the reckless and/or dangerous driving of another.

If your telephone use does not fall within one of those two categories, you risk facing the consequences for failing to follow this traffic-safety law.

  • A first offense fine for texting or using a cell phone has recently been increased to $400.
  • A second offense carries a $600 fine.
  • A third offense is an $800 fine plus a license suspension of ninety days, with motor vehicle points on your driver’s license.

The first thing your Mercer County traffic attorney will do is ask if either of the above two permissible instances apply to your situation. If not, he will review the case for any other pertinent information.

The best way to avoid a citation is to put some or all of the following safety practices into effect, as advised by a Mercer County traffic attorney:

  • Refrain from using a cell phone while driving altogether. Put it in your bag or otherwise out of your sight so you aren’t tempted to use it.
  • Use the speaker phone function.
  • Use a Bluetooth wireless device.

Contact a Mercer County Traffic Attorney For More Information

If you’ve been cited with texting while driving, contact a Mercer County traffic attorney immediately to review your case. Mark Catanzaro is an experienced and trusted traffic attorney in Mercer County who is familiar with the laws and defenses. He has helped many in the past. No need to panic; call today.


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