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Next Steps After DUI Charges

New Jersey DUI attorney

Getting convicted of a DUI in New Jersey comes with serious consequences that could follow you the rest of your life. That’s why it is important to take certain steps to prevent a conviction as soon as you can. Hiring an experienced New Jersey DUI attorney will help make this possible.

If you were arrested for a first time DUI, speak to Mark Catanzaro, trusted New Jersey DUI attorney, to represent you in the legal proceedings.

So You Got a DUI: Now What?

It is a stressful and confusing process to deal with your first DUI. Taking the below steps will hopefully put your mind at ease.

  1. Hire a New Jersey DUI Attorney. One of the first things you should do after being arrested for a DUI is hire a DUI attorney in New Jersey. It’s important to search for the right attorney for you. With a qualified and trusted New Jersey DUI attorney, the entire process will be less confusing for you.
  2. Make Note of Your Court Dates. Do not miss your court appearances. REPEAT: Do not miss your court appearances! Failing to show up can cause you even more legal trouble. If you’re unsure of when you need to appear, speak with your New Jersey DUI attorney.
  3. Follow Your Attorney’s Legal Advice. Your New Jersey DUI attorney will give you advice on certain decisions you may have to make, such as a plea deal, if it is offered. Ultimately, the decision is yours. But based on his experience and knowledge, he will be able to advise you on what the wisest choice is. In general, it is in your best interest to follow the advice that your attorney gives you.
  4. Comply with the Judge’s Orders. There are several potential consequences stemming from a DUI, including fines, probation, drug and alcohol classes, and sometimes even jail time. Make sure you do what you’re supposed to. Non-compliance can make the situation even worse.

Need a New Jersey DUI Attorney? Call Mark Catanzaro

No one plans for a DUI, but you can take the right steps afterwards if you find yourself in that situation. The best way to handle your first DUI is by hiring a New Jersey DUI attorney to represent you.

Mark Catanzaro is an experienced attorney who has the knowledge and expertise to fight your DUI charges. Call today to schedule your free and confidential consultation.


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