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More Tips for Controlling Road Rage

Last year, we gave you some basic tips for controlling road rage. Again, we all know the feeling. Someone cuts us off on the highway, nearly hits us because of an illegal move, or recklessly tailgates us. How infuriating! For most of us, it’s nothing more than a short burst of frustration. Yet for some of us, we are tempted to try and take back control or get revenge in a more drastic way. However, just like we covered in the first blog, that can come with stiff legal consequences. Furthermore, why should we let someone else determine how we feel or how we act? So, in this week’s blog, we’ll provide some more tips on controlling road rage.

Controlling Road Rage Tips

First, check out our first blog on controlling road rage. But if you need more tips, check these out.

  • Accept your anger

We know it may sound odd, but learning to accept your anger can go a long way. Often we experience road rage, we might scold ourselves for acting so childish. However, this doesn’t help the anger in the long run. Instead, acknowledge you’re angry. It’s okay to be angry. That other person did something that could have harmed you. Accept it. Move on.

  • Focus on your breathing

Take a deep breath and count to four. To control an angry, emotionally-driven response, focus on your breathing. Pay attention to every breath as it goes in and out. Maintain a normal breathing rhythm.

  • Don’t personalize the incident

Remember, this person made a mistake. Or perhaps they’re acting out against the situation. But chances are, they’re not trying to attack you.

  • Practice radical acceptance

Next, the old adage of changing the things you can and accepting the things you cannot comes in handy. You cannot control that other person’s actions or feelings. And it’s not your job to do so. But you can control yours.

  • Don’t let 3 seconds ruin the rest of your day

What the other driver did may have been risky and even stupid. But you don’t have to let that 3 second incident ruin the other 24 hours of your day.

  • Don’t punish yourself for their mistake

Last, if you respond in anger, you could do something illegal or you could cause an accident. As we mentioned, that can carry hefty consequences. The other driver made the mistake. Don’t be the one who gets caught.

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