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Things to Do in Quarantine

things to do in quarantine

At this point, you’re probably tired of hearing about coronavirus and COVID-19. Watching and reading the news is stressful. But doing anything else seems so boring. What are some valuable things to do in quarantine? What can you do to pass the time and maybe learn something new? While we’re by no means experts on the situation, we have some ideas. So, the following is some things to do in quarantine!

Things to Do in Quarantine: Education

First, a lot of people have been talking about using this time as an opportunity to continue their education. Believe it or not, plenty of resources exist out there! Here are a few:

  • Take online classes at an Ivy League school for free!
  • Follow any number of free courses on iTunesU
  • Want to become a better reader? Follow these tips:
    • Put your cell phone and laptop in another room
    • Turn on music that can help you focus
    • Set a goal like reading 30 pages in the next hour, or a specific book in a week
    • Go to a room without a TV
    • Start reading something you know you’ll enjoy, and not just something you feel you should read
    • Pair up with a friend and call one another each week for accountability
  • Watch a documentary instead of a movie
  • Instead of watching mindless videos on YouTube, utilize some of the more educational channels

Things to Do in Quarantine: Skills

Second, if you don’t want to become more booky or brainy, you can still use this time to learn a new skill. A new skill gives you new things to do in quarantine. And again, plenty of resources exist out there! Consider these:

Things NOT to Do in Quarantine

Third, as you can see, there’s a plethora of things to do in quarantine. But what about what you shouldn’t do?

Well, don’t be too hard on yourself. This experience has made some of us feel like we have a lot more free time now than we did, but that’s not necessarily true. And even if we do, sometimes it’s wiser to use that free time to process this experience rather than do something new. Furthermore, it’s important to realize that all of us have more productive days than others. It takes wisdom to know when you’re wisely resting vs. when you’re wasting time. Strive to use this time well, but always take it a day at a time.

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