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Catanzaro Law Explores The 3 Benefits Of Expungement

Catanzaro Law Explores The 3 Benefits Of Expungement

How long should past mistakes cause a penitent person to suffer? Is a system that shuts out those with a criminal record encouraging improvement or repeat offenders? If you have a criminal record, you’ve likely wrestled with these troubling thoughts and harsh realities. The good news is this: for many of you, there’s hope to slip the shackles of a criminal record and move on with your life, seeking gainful employment, reliable housing, and educational opportunity. If you’re on the fence about expungement, you would do well to examine the 3 benefits of expungement with Catanzaro Law.

1. Housing

Finding a new place to live is seldom a simple task, but those with a criminal record will find it much more difficult. Most landlords have experienced the whole gamut of tenant personalities and behaviors, and are simply unwilling to take risks with their rental properties; justifiably, their screening processes are often rigorous. 

If you have a record, you are likely to be immediately dismissed, regardless of important factors like the seriousness of your offense and the time elapsed since offending. This is a perfect example of where expungement can be pivotal. Having your record expunged will hide the unfavorable details of your past from prospective landlords, giving you a clean slate when it comes to housing applications and a fair shot at a new place to call home.

2. Employment

A good, dependable job can be a great way to rebuild a life in pieces. The problem is, for those with a criminal record, prospects for a decent job are narrow at best. This is a controversial topic, as many believe that access to better jobs is an important part of rehabilitation for those with a record; a gateway back into a healthy, constructive law-abiding life.

 Regardless, the current system often results in a cycle that can seem insurmountable for people with a blemished past; criminal record leads to restriction from a better future, leads to further criminal activity, etc. Expungement of your criminal record can afford you a clean slate when it comes to finding a job, allowing you a fair shot at a reliable income, social interaction and a steady schedule; factors proven to increase quality of life and lessen criminal relapse.

3. Education

Furthering your education can open the doors to a world of opportunity and financial prosperity. This is especially important for those with a criminal record, as a brighter future does wonders for distance from a troubled past. Those with a record hoping to expand their minds and increase their incomes will doubtless run into difficulty. 

Educational institutions are interested in preserving the safety and integrity of their students and campuses, and are often unwilling to jeopardize their standards by accepting applicants with a criminal record. As with employment opportunities, this can create an arguably unfair cycle for those hoping to transcend their transgressions. An expunged record could be your tabula rasa, reopening long locked doors and ushering in a period of thriving and redemption. 

Experience The 3 Benefits Of Expungement With Catanzaro Law!

At Catanzaro Law, we believe that the path to a crime-free future depends largely on how we reintegrate those with a criminal history. Are we promoting recovery and reform, or paving the path to repeat offenses? If you’re seeking relief from living under the shadow of your past mistakes, Mark Catanzaro is here to help. With a track record of successful expungements and a dedication to justice, Mark Catanzaro will fight for your right to reform. If you have any questions about the details of expungement, check out our FAQ page under Criminal Matters. Reach out to Catanzaro Law today; your future is worth the effort.


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