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Pullover Protocol: How To Act And What To Say When You Get Pulled Over

Pullover Protocol; How To Act And What To Say When You Get Pulled Over

Ah, the open road and the exhilaration of speed; an uncommon feeling of freedom. You know the speed limit is 35, but 50 just feels so right, and aren’t those speed limits just vague suggestions anyway? Suddenly, coming out of a particularly exciting turn, you see it: a parked police cruiser. You slam on the brakes, but it’s too late; your joyride is over. 

The rest is just a panicked blur. The red and blue lights in the rearview, the sirens and slow pullover, and the officer approaching your vehicle. What now? Amidst all the chaos and conflicting emotions, it would be easy to lose your head. But what you say and how you act when you get pulled over matters, especially if you have something to hide. If you want to know exactly what to say when you get pulled over, just study these simple tips from Catanzaro Law!

The Mileage Of Mildness

Aggressiveness is anathema to police officers, so a little respect goes a long way when you get pulled over. It’s also worth noting that police officers are killed daily in the line of duty, so even approaching a vehicle puts them in a defensive position. Remain seated in your car unless told otherwise and be sure to keep your hands where the officer can see them, only reaching for documents when you are told. Respond respectfully when asked questions, opting for an attitude of polite agreeability instead of defiance; it may just be the difference between a warning and a ticket. 

Enough Said, Nothing More

When it comes to responding to an officer’s directives and questions, the bare minimum is your best bet. In most cases, you can even exercise your right to remain silent. When choosing to talk, long-winded explanations and rambling replies are suspicious, attracting unnecessary attention and giving the appearance that you have something to hide.

 If you get pulled over, the officer will likely have a few questions. It’s tough to know how to answer certain questions, especially the ubiquitous “do you know how fast you were going?” inquiry. Some swear that honesty is the best policy, while others insist that an air of obliviousness works best in avoiding a ticket. Regardless of your choice, the real deciding factors are an undercurrent of respect and a willingness to comply.

When You Get Pulled Over And Need A Lawyer

Generally, an officer isn’t permitted to search your vehicle without a warrant, unless there are clear signs of illegal activity like open alcoholic beverages, exposed firearms or drugs. If at any point you feel that an officer is acting inappropriately or using coercion, legal action is imperative. Secure your safety and defend your rights when pulled over; Choose Mark Catanzaro for the ultimate in legal defense!


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