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Your Forgery Lawyer in New Jersey

forgery lawyer in new jersey

Do you remember that movie Catch Me If You Can? If you don’t think forgery or fraud comes with serious penalties, watch that movie. defines forgery as “the crime of creating a false document, altering a document, or writing a false signature for the illegal benefit of the person making the forgery.” Consequently, if you live in New Jersey, and have been charged with forgery, you need a capable forgery lawyer in New Jersey! Keep reading to find out how Mark Catanzaro can represent you.

The Best Forgery Lawyer in New Jersey Knows the Law

First, let’s define the law. According to the forgery laws in New Jersey, in order for something to count as forgery, the offender must commit forgery with the intent to defraud or injure another. In other words, the person must know that the scam they’re doing will cause harm to another person. We call this criminal intent. How can criminal intent be proven?

  • Altering another person’s writing without their permission.
  • Creating, authenticating, or transferring any writing so that it appears to be a copy of an original that does not exist.
  • Creating, authenticating, or transferring any writing intending for it to appear that it happened at a time or place it did not.
  • Uttering (a legal term meaning to present or offer with words) an item that the offender knows is forged.
  • Creating, authenticating, or transferring any writing intending for it to look as if it were the act of another person who did not permit the act.
  • Possession of a forgery device (such as a computer program designed to forge documents).

Accordingly, if either of these acts are done, it’s hard to disprove criminal intent. But you still have a chance!

Consequences of Forgery

Second, let’s cover the legal consequences of forgery. According to New Jersey law, forgery comes as a 3rd or 4th degree crime. Therefore, a person charged with this crime faces up to five years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines! In addition, someone without an adequate forgery lawyer in New Jersey drastically increases their chances of getting charged. So, what can you do?

Contact the Best Forgery Lawyer in New Jersey

Call Mark Catanzaro. With years of competent experience, Mark can come alongside you and fiercely defend your case. All you need to do is contact his offices today, so don’t delay!


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