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The Most Common Crimes Committed in New Jersey

common crimes New Jersey

If you’re a New Jersey resident, or you’re considering moving there, crime statistics are relevant to you. After all, it’s important for us all to stay informed of which crimes are most prevalent in our communities. For New Jersey, the most reliable source of crime statistics is the annual Uniform Crime Report, a compilation of data assembled by the state’s police force since 1990. In this blog post, we will review the most common crimes committed in New Jersey as of the most recent Uniform Crime Report.

Be Aware of the Most Common Crimes in New Jersey

First, according to the most recent Uniform Crime Report, the most frequent crimes committed in the state of New Jersey include: 

  1. Larcenies: 101,594 offenses
  2. Burglaries: 25,198 offenses
  3. Vehicle Thefts: 11,310 offenses
  4. Aggravated Assaults: 11,153 offenses
  5. Robberies: 8,932 offenses

Based upon these statistics, in a typical 24-hour crime cycle, New Jersey experiences 278 larcenies, 69 burglaries, 31 vehicle thefts, 30 aggravated assaults, and 24 robberies. If you find these statistics alarming, your response is justified! The total value of all stolen property for 2016 alone is a whopping $277,695,704. Stolen motor vehicles accounted for upwards of 40% of stolen property. 

Still, there is reason for optimism about New Jersey’s criminal offenses. According to the same report, the offenses tallied represent a 5% decrease from the year before. Furthermore, the crime rate itself (18 victims for every 1,000 permanent inhabitants) represents a 5% decrease as well.

Other Stats on Most Common Crimes in New Jersey

Second, in addition to the most common criminal offenses, consider these findings from the Uniform Crime Report: 

  • Violent crimes accounted for 14% of the total Crime Index. The violent crime rate decreased 4% from the previous year.
  • The highest number of violent crimes was reported in August, while the lowest number was reported in February. 
  • Both violent and non-violent crime decreased more in New Jersey than in the Northeast region as a whole. Furthermore, crime decreased more in New Jersey than in the United States as a whole. 

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