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Effectively Communicating With your Mount Holly Criminal Defense Lawyer

mount holly criminal defense lawyer

The process of communicating is important, not only for a client to a defense lawyer, but also from the defense lawyer to the client. Clients and lawyers need to discuss reasonable expectations, share information, and be on the same page about options and realistic possible outcomes. Being in constant communication with your Mount Holly criminal defense lawyer is helpful for the whole legal process, and is beneficial for you as the client. Exceptional representation starts with a lawyer who can create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable communicating with him or her.

Tips for Communicating with Your Mount Holly Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you find yourself in need of a Mount Holly criminal defense lawyer, you could be concerned about what you are about to face. You might have questions such as when are you expected in court, should you agree to a plea deal, how long the process takes, etc. All these questions and more can be discussed with your Mount Holly criminal defense lawyer.

The communication process is a two way street. How can you make sure you’re effectively communicating with your lawyer?

  1. Make sure you LISTEN as much as you speak. Your lawyer may answer most of your questions before you even have to ask them. When you listen and understand what they’re saying, most of your concerns will be alleviated right off the bat.
  2. Don’t hold back details from your lawyer. You might think something isn’t important, but it’s better to put it out in the open than let it come out in court by the prosecution. Help your lawyer help you by giving him all the facts up front.
  3. On that same note, don’t lie! Lying will always get you into trouble. Your lawyer is there to help you and get you favorable results. He can’t do that if you give him false information.

Similarly, your lawyer also has a responsibility to communicate with you the during the entire legal process. What should you expect from a Mount Holly criminal defense lawyer?

  1. A lawyer also needs to make sure he’s listening. He doesn’t have all the answers and needs you to tell your version of the situation without constantly cutting you off or preventing you from explaining everything. A good lawyer will listen, and will also communicate to you right off the bat that your discussions are protected by the attorney client privilege.
  2. While keeping in constant communication can range from emails, to texts, to phone calls, the best way to make sure a lawyer and his client are on the same page is by scheduling regular face to face meetings.
  3. Your lawyer should communicate any plea deal offered by the prosecution and his advice on whether or not to accept it.

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