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The Importance of a New Jersey Criminal Defense Trial Attorney

New Jersey criminal defense trial attorney

There are many reasons why a person might want to represent himself in court when facing criminal charges. But this is not a wise idea. A New Jersey criminal defense trial attorney has the required skill and experience to successfully defend clients in court, no matter what the charges are. It’s always a smart choice to hire counsel to represent you.

Does It Make Sense to Hire a New Jersey Criminal Defense Trial Attorney?

In general, you’d probably rather not be in a situation where you need to hire an attorney. But when you’re facing criminal charges, it just makes sense to obtain professional legal representation instead of relying on yourself.

Here are some common reasons that a defendant might be tempted to represent himself rather than hiring a lawyer:

  • The expense to hire a New Jersey criminal defense trial attorney
  • The potential legal consequences they are facing are relatively minor
  • They plan to plead guilty anyway
  • No faith in attorneys and believe they can do just as good of a job in court on their own

While some of these reasons might be understandable, they still don’t warrant self-representation if you want the best chance at a successful outcome. The entire profession of a New Jersey criminal defense attorney is based on formulating strong defense strategies for each particular case he is working on.

The sixth amendment guarantees a criminal defendant the right to legal counsel. Of course, you have the option to waive the right to an attorney and represent yourself. But why waive your constitutional right? If you don’t have any legal training, it will be hard to keep up with what is occurring in court and to know who’s who in criminal law. The entire legal process is very complex and requires following specific procedures and rules of evidence.

The consequences of a criminal conviction vary depending on the charge. They can range from a requirement to perform community service, to hefty fines, to jail time, to loss of your driver’s license, or any combination thereof and more! Why risk it? Leave it to the professionals who can effectively defend your case.

Hire the Right New Jersey Criminal Defense Trial Attorney Today

The biggest step is hiring the right attorney early on. Mark Catanzaro is a New Jersey criminal defense trial attorney with over 30 years of experience defending clients who have faced all sorts of charges, including DUIs, hit and run accidents, traffic tickets, and more. Contact his office today to set up a free and confidential consultation.


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