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Three Roles Your New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer Plays

New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hollywood often times portrays criminal defense lawyers as loud-mouthed, immoral villains just out to make money at the expense of their clients, the victims, and the criminal justice system. Don’t believe everything you see in the movies. Legal counsel for defendants play many very important roles in the justice system. When looking to hire a New Jersey criminal defense lawyer, you must keep in mind that they will do much more than just sit next to you in court and ask a bunch of questions in front of a jury.

The Many Hats Of Your New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer

Keeping clients from having to pay fines, serve prison time, and amass an extensive criminal record are important roles of your New Jersey criminal defense lawyer. But there are many other roles and responsibilities he takes on behind the scenes to ensure the former.

  1. Educator. As your New Jersey criminal defense lawyer, an important role is to educate you, the client, on the particulars of the law, the court system, what to expect in the court room, how to handle cross-examination, what the various outcomes might be, and anything else that comes up along the way.
  2. Strategizer. A criminal defense attorney in New Jersey must always be one step ahead of the other side. It is of utmost importance to develop a strong defense strategy to present before the jury. This requires a thorough knowledge of the case and the law, hours and hours of preparation, and also the skill of persuasion.
  3. Negotiator. Did you know that most cases don’t actually go to trial? The majority settle beforehand. When a defense lawyer wears his strategizer hat, he weighs the likelihood of a conviction or acquittal against the particular facts and circumstances of the case. If securing an acquittal seems unlikely, your lawyer may try to negotiate for you a favorable plea deal. If you’re a first time offender, sometimes this includes a diversionary program. Other times, it could mean probation instead of jail time. Your New Jersey criminal defense lawyer will always discuss your options with you.

Don’t Wait – Call Mark Catanzaro Today

Don’t walk through these confusing times alone. For many reasons, it is best to hire a New Jersey criminal defense lawyer to stand by your side. Because your defense lawyer will want to get started immediately, you should retain someone sooner rather than later. Mark Catanzaro is a highly skilled criminal defense lawyer in New Jersey who has 30 years of experience and fights to obtain favorable results for his clients. Contact him today to set up your free consultation.


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